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About Us

Hey friends, welcome to Heart of Gypsy Boutique! My name is Angela and I am the owner and creator of Heart of Gypsy Boutique in Macon, GA.  The name Heart of Gypsy was created to express all my life’s experiences and reflect my love for fun, funky, and timeless style into one simple phrase.  As a military child and military spouse, I’ve moved around from place to place never able to establish roots to consider any one place home.  I have always had a unique style that anyone can enjoy and had a desire to share my love of fashion with those around me.  So, one can say I have a “Gypsy” heart.  Heart of Gypsy Boutique opened up in May 2020 and has been a dream come true.  God has created this opportunity in my life and I am committed to use this experience as a blessing for those in our community as well as those who connect with us through online shopping.  At Heart of Gypsy Boutique we believe it is our goal to build confidence and inspire women of all ages and sizes through our love of fashion. If you look good, you feel good! So shop around and get inspired!